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How SEO is Done – The Basics




How SEO is done

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to show up higher on search engines when people use keywords related to your business. This can help bring in more traffic and lead to more sales.

The basics

In simple terms, SEO is about using a few key things to optimize your pages so they rank higher in search engines like Google. These include things like writing relevant, high-quality content and getting other sites to link back to yours.

Getting your content to rank better in search requires a lot of work and a lot of time. Typically, it takes at least six months of dedicated effort to see results in the long run.

Keyword research and content creation are the two most important aspects of SEO. These are the foundations of your SEO strategy, and you need to get them right if you want to rank well.

Understanding the intent of your audience – When someone searches for something on Google, they’re usually searching because they have a specific need or want that you can fulfill. Make sure to provide them with the complete solution they’re looking for – not just a part of it.

Structured data, URLs and internal links – Correct structured data on your pages makes it easier for search engines to understand your site and find the information they need. This also helps your pages qualify for special features on Google search results, like review stars and fancy-decorated result boxes. Must visit https://chrispalmermarketing.com/law-firm-seo

Crawling and indexing – Every page on your site needs to be crawled by search engines. This means having a good way for them to find your site and navigate it, like using an XML sitemap or an XML file that lists all your pages with their primary content’s last modified dates.

The right structure for your navigation – You need to have a basic, easy-to-navigate web of navigation from your home or root page all the way through to all your different content types and product categories. This can be a challenge for many sites, so it’s important to think about how you should design your internal links.

Creating internal links that are appropriate and useful to your visitors – Ensure that all of the content on your website can be accessed by users through internal links, not just the most popular pages. This means that you should create different paths from the root or main page to other pages of your site, like a navigation to your FAQs and product catalogs.

Controlling your navigation – A good site architecture allows you to control most of the way users navigate your website, including where they go from one page to the next and how they go from one product to another. This can be as simple as adding navigation links to your home page that direct users to other pages of your site, or it can be as complex as developing webs of links between every page on your site.



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